Learning Communities

Our students and staff work together across different communities and age groups. Structuring our learning environment this way allows students to build relationships and gain greater opportunities through cross age curriculum experiences.

Community A - Early Years - The Hive

'Where small people achieve big things'

We believe that the best way to create confident and capable learners is to make sure they get off to the best possible start.


What Makes The Hive Unique?

  • Children from 3-6 years of age can discover and explore learning
  • Transition for this age group is seamless and supports the Same Start First Day policy
  • A Nature Play learning environment
  • Children explore the topics they love and use their interests to create new learning experiences
  • Children build relationships with each other and with the wider school community
  • Children engage in a play-based learning approach, which acknowledges the whole child in the Early Years which leads to better academic outcomes in both Literacy and Numeracy
  • The learning environment is carefully designed reflective of the latest Early Childhood research 



Community B

Learning Community B provides intentional opportunities for students who have transitioned out of 'The Hive' to further develop their identity with the wider school community.


What Makes Community B Unique?

  • Students build a strong sense of themselves as learners and identify strengths and areas of development for future learning
  • Collaborative learning is a focus, providing explicit teaching and learning opportunities to promote these essential skills
  • Students are introduced to the language of learning dispositions and the impact this can have on themselves
  • A Growth Mindset is created; encouraging each student to reach their full potential and seek challenges in their learning
  • Students are provided with learning opportunities to expand on known ideas through imagining possibilities and connecting ideas
  • Students are encouraged to think like authors, mathematicians, scientists and sports specialists as they take risks and create new learning



Community C

Learning Community C unites the senior classes of students as one large group of learners that connect regularly through a range of experiences.


What Makes Community C Unique?

Students work together to:

  • Create a safe physical, social and emotional environment
  • Challenge each other to be the best learners they can be
  • Recognise, accept and create opportunities
  • Demonstrate leadership and promote student voice
  • Reflect on their thinking and learning



We effectively integrate technology into all aspects of our learning, we have introduced Chromebooks on a one-to-one basis for all students and teachers in Community C. This approach ensures students are equipped with the 21st Century skills required to advance through their schooling and beyond. In doing so, teachers and students connect to transform learning experiences and deepen 21st Century skills such as:

  • Collaborating
  • Planning and connecting with others in real-time
  • Creating shared responsibility and accountability for making decisions 
  • Inviting, receiving and acting upon feedback from peers for the purpose of challenging themselves throughout the entire learning process
  • Real world problem solving and innovation